Friday, 21 December 2012

Our First Video!

Hello Everyone! 

Our first video is finally uploaded! 
This was taken during our group walk from Manama Souq to Adliya... Our aim was to observe life... and people... Each one with his/her camera took snapshots for what caught their interest... 

The video is a summary of an almost 3-hours walk, our findings will be reflected through our work and in the final publication... 

Please feel free to share the video with your contacts... 

Many thanks to Leon. D for making this video.


The Ulafaa Team

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Market 338 in a Nutshell!

Market 338 came to an end.... ! 

It was such a great experience to introduce ourselves to the public in market 338 in Adliya... We have learnt a lot and we came to know many people who share our thoughts and want be part of our family... 

Our zone forced people to smile (the least) and to make a theme song (the most)!

People have shared their thoughts about life with us...Remembered great memories of old days... Or simply spread some love with our "free hugs" and "hi-5" signs!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alriwaq Art Space for giving us a space to express and interact with people... Market 338 was a great success and we were glad to be a modest part of it... Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who supported us.. It was great to see all of you.... 

Ulafaa Team

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Extended deadline!

We have great news for the artists in Bahrain. We are extending our deadline for application to our program till the 15th of December!

The Ulafa'a Initiative Program is a program based on the thought of reconciliation through the arts. We are gathering young budding artist with little exposure, as well as the more experienced, to create a positive social impact by artistic and creative means.

We will be hosting social events, activities and exhibitions from December till mid 2013, so stay updated with our news by following us on twitter and instagram on @ulafaa

To apply to Ulafaa, please send your name and contact information to

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ulafa'a @ market 338!

During one of the most happening months of the year, Market 338 has returned to the chilly season of Bahrain. Ulafa'a has its very own space right here in the heart of Adliya, promoting creativeness, reconciliation and most importantly fun! We have a line of exciting activities coming up in the next two weeks, such as street art games, and live performances so stay tuned!

Follow us on twitter and instagram on @ulaffa to know the juicy details!

We are located at the seating area between Blaze burgers and the Park area.

Monday, 29 October 2012

First artist meeting

The first artist meeting was held successfully at AlRiwaq Art Space last week and (inshallah) shall continue on a weekly bases every Saturday morning, anyone who wishes to join in is always most welcome!

We have a great group of artists so far, brainstorming and sharing idea of what we could be possibly doing in the upcoming months. All very exciting, and we shall be posting updates very soon!

Welcome to the Ulafa'a Initiative!

Arabic term (derived from the word Ulfa) that describes a group of people
who are familiar with each other and possibly share common feelings.

The Ulafa'a initiative is an open art program that is based on reconciliation through the arts. This program is to help individuals in Bahrain to express through art; allowing those who are not that experienced within the art scene have an opportunity to create, develop their artistic skills and exhibit their work. 

We will be hosting many exciting public events throughout the year so stay tuned!

We welcome all to apply, please send your name and contact information to 
before the 14th of November, 2012.