Monday, 18 March 2013

The BAB market - a better Bahrain

Ulafa'a has once again showed up on the streets of Bahrain, promoting unity, trust, love and good will. On the weekends of 7th - 10th and the 14- 17th of March the Ulafa'a team were present at Bab AlBahrain (a historical landmark through which Bahrain would welcome people into their land) where a pop up market had been set up by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate Bahraini talent.

In these two weeks we have successfully made a vast number of people smile through small creative acts of kindness, fun activities and interacting with the community. One of our activities included asking people "What would you like to say to and/or advise the Bahraini community?" - the response was massive. Here are some of the answers we received. We will be posting pictures of our other activities from the BAB market soon so stay tuned and keep checking our blog!

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