Monday, 29 October 2012

First artist meeting

The first artist meeting was held successfully at AlRiwaq Art Space last week and (inshallah) shall continue on a weekly bases every Saturday morning, anyone who wishes to join in is always most welcome!

We have a great group of artists so far, brainstorming and sharing idea of what we could be possibly doing in the upcoming months. All very exciting, and we shall be posting updates very soon!

Welcome to the Ulafa'a Initiative!

Arabic term (derived from the word Ulfa) that describes a group of people
who are familiar with each other and possibly share common feelings.

The Ulafa'a initiative is an open art program that is based on reconciliation through the arts. This program is to help individuals in Bahrain to express through art; allowing those who are not that experienced within the art scene have an opportunity to create, develop their artistic skills and exhibit their work. 

We will be hosting many exciting public events throughout the year so stay tuned!

We welcome all to apply, please send your name and contact information to 
before the 14th of November, 2012.