Monday, 21 January 2013

A Morning in Farmers' Market

Since the weather is perfectly cold Ulafa'a decided to change the scene and hit the farmers' market early morning for a farmers' breakfast and to record few clips about the project... 

We leave you with some pictures of that day... 

Wasan and Ali preparing to take the first clip..... Action! 

Our first Ulafa'a member to talk, Yasser

We needed someone to "direct" people and supervise... Nada and Yasser didn't mind taking the part!

When the person behind the camera comes in front of it.... becomes too nervous!

Setting up Nada with the mic

 Farmers' market is going to be there every Saturday until May in Budaiya Gardens... You should not miss it! 

Keep an eye for the next Ulafa'a video... 

Ulafaa Team 

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