Monday, 8 April 2013

Our Common Ground - Alwaan 338

Ulafa’a team was born from a group of individuals of diverse backgrounds and artistic skills, who believe that art has the ability to narrate, change and heal. Instead of creating work in isolated closed studios, Ulafa’a creates opportunities for artists to communicate with people directly and develop relationships, share stories, and eventually generate artworks that engage the community.

We're doing so by participating in Alwan 338,
that is being held in Adliya and organized by Al Riwaq Art space.

This year, the festival is showcasing indoor and outdoor artworks under the theme of "Common Ground".

Our team member Ebrahim AKA EDD is exhibiting an installation piece "One Dialogue for All" 

"Each individual is special and we are all different from one another. Although we are all human; each and every one of us has his/her own characteristics, making every one of us unique. However, we don’t all know each other, making us ignorant of other people’s skills, abilities and ways of thought." He said.

Coming from that concept, he collects people’s words and sentences into paragraphs that is grammatically correct but show a collusion of what everyone around him is saying, representing everyone’s unique verbal expressions.   

We found that involving the community is the best way to get our ideas across, therefore we have launched a nationwide campaign on instagram for people to take pictures of Bahraini sights, neighborhoods, people or community. 
That was the main ingredient of our second artwork in Alwan 338 which was under the name of "Our Freej". 

We wanted to show that we are more similar than we are different across the country as well as encourage people to communicate through photos.

 Ulafaa team member Yasser Al Hasan working on the exhibit in Adliya opposite to Lilou's, Alwan 338.

Ulafaa team member and photographer Khalid Al-Jabri taging his pictures from the streets of Bahrain exhibited in Adileya, Alwan 338.

The wall is being built up slowly with time based on people's interaction in Instagram... Yasser working through the night to give life to people's photographs. "Its always a joy" he said.

Pass-buyer tagging a picture with the location where it was taken. 

The insta-exhibition wall has been building up ever since the festival started... We have recieved great responses through instagram and so many great pictures that reflected the urban spirit of Bahrain...

The viewing of the last update of insta-exhibition will be on the coming Saturday (5 - 8 PM)
So if you are around in Adliya, make sure you pass by our work!

Like we always end with....

Ulafa'a Team

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